My wife and I grew up in the St. Louis metro area.  I grew up in North County and my wife grew up in Creve Coeur and South County.  Since I know you all are wondering, I went to Hazelwood Central while she went to Lutheran South.   We both graduated from Lindenwood University but have lived out of state for the past 17 years. We recently moved back to St. Louis and are thrilled to be back home.  

​People have asked me, “Why playgrounds?  Has this been a lifelong dream?”  My lifelong dream and inspiration has been to see families grow and develop.

For the past 15 years I have been involved in growth and development.  10 of those years were spent as a special education teacher.   During my time teaching middle school I became more and more frustrated with the lack of focus spent on learning, growth, and having fun.   

Now I am a father of two boys, ages 4 & 6, and like all parents I am learning as I go.  I want to know what is the best way for me to support their growth and learning?  I have found that that the most impactful things I can do is spend time with them and give them unstructured playtime.  

During that time of experiential learning they will grow and develop physically, socially, and academically.   

At Gateway Swings I have found a way to blend my two passions: Learning and FUN!  We partner with parents to discover areas of growth and development in their child, and we work with children to simply have more fun!   

We are more than just a swing store.  We work with families to grow and develop, and rediscovery that sense of awe and wonder that comes from playing.    

We look forward to meeting your kids!

Paul Dreher
Gateway Swings